Monday, December 24, 2012

Getting Ready for Santa Claus( a mini Photo Story)

Getting Ready For Santa Claus
It's time to get ready for Christmas.  We start by writing another letter to Santa Claus. We already sent him an email but mommy said it might be nice to write another on so we did.

Then we made some yummy cookies.  Lissy kneeds the dough and Holly uses the cookie cutters. Then mommy put them in the oven and after their done, we let them cool and then decorated them.  

Here is BJ with some finished cookies.

Here are the ones for Santa.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Santa Claus is Coming.....

Hello everyone. The babies and I have been spending time getting ready for the Holidays. They have went to see Santa Claus twice now in to different stores. In the last one., I got their picture taking with santa

Santa Claus and my babies

Now we are going to finish getting ready for the holidays. We got presents to wrap and deliver to family and friends. Are you guys all ready for the Holdiays? What do you guys want for Christmas this year?

Princess Harmony and the Babies

Friday, November 30, 2012

Another long awaited update.

Well I have to apologize once again..... I've been under the weather lately and as soon as i get over something i seem to catch something else... Its really annoying. But the kids did take halloween pictures which i will have to put up at another time....

What we have coming up we are plnaning to go look at Christmas lights around town soon and to go see santa tomorrow and i still have to finish up getting presents.  We will also write to Santa Caus ;)  What has everyone else been up to??

For today however I have two pictures to add. of the babies posing with the decorations that we put up on the 23rd. Its always been an tradition of our to decorate the day after Thanksgiving and this year was no exception.

My babies and their Christmas night light.

my babies and the decorations.

Well i will try to update again soon. I hope everyone else is rnjoying the season so far.

Princess Harmony and the babies

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back to School

Hey everyone! I just wanted to apologize for the long lapse since my last update. the summer has been so hot so i've just been extra lazy. But my favorite time of the year, fall, is coming up and its back to school for the kiddies so i have an little more time to play. I homeschool my companions along with the rest of my collection and they are excited to begin again. Football season has started and i can't camt wait for the leaves start falling down to make a big pile again. But i did manage to take an couple of pictures this summer....  some of my favorite new ones are added below;

New Summer Outfits

Reading an good book

Back to School

Well until next time my friends.

Princess Harmony

Sunday, June 10, 2012

busy summer

I'm so sorry, i have been so busy lately that i haven't had anyime to play with my babies....  I've been watching neighbor kids and then coming home to deal with the kids in my house... it is very stressful and most day i just end up falling in the bed to sleep. But i miss my babies so they are going to start traveling with me again.. i took them to my untthis weekendand we went swimingand sigmed up fo an post card swap... well here are some pictures

all dresed up and nowhere to go

my babies

princess harmony

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Fun

Ireally apologize about being all slow with the updates but i have been extremely busy... My mom volunteered me to start watching the neighbors 4 young kids in additions to my nieces and nephews that i already watch and now plus she added my brother's girlfriend's kids..... ugh..... but i will try to keep on updating when i have time and something to share.

Today I'm adding the Easter photos i took of my babies, enjoy!

The kids in the new Easter duds.

The kids with their Easter baskets.

Lissy find an egg.

So does Holly.

They give Brent an egg afterwards.

Princess Harmony

Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Dolly and Trip

I have been sort of busy lately. My mother have found me more children to watch so I have not been doing much lately with my companions. But i finally did manage to take a picture of the newest member of my patch and We did go to Casino last weekend and i managed to take an couple of pictures as well... so here they are and enjoy! :)

Miss Disa Trixie

                                                 Lissy, Holly, and Brent lounging in the hotel room

Reading in the room.

Checking out the hot tub

Prtincess Harmony

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My First Doll Video

Hello all... I just wanted to attempt to share an video here... if it works I made it of the dolls and if this works, i'll be making more...

or you can go here
if you'd like to see and this doesn't work... enjoy.

Princess Harmony

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lissy Birthday amd new addition news

February 18th was Lissy,s birthday and i've been busy since then but i did take some pictures that i wanted to share.

Lissy presents

Kids all together

In other new s, I added another kid to my patch  this weekend. Pictures of the new sister will be up soon :) she came with these old birth ceritificates, adoption papers, and an parent association application... if anyone out there collects cabbage patch kids, vould you please tell me if this parent association still exists? If  it doesn't, then i would love to create one of my own for all dolls. oe wvwn stuffed animals.. now if i could get anyone else to dolls or/stuffed animals to join.... ha!!! I'll come back  to update soon with an picture of the new addition and other things.... until then i' m signing off!!

Princess Harmony

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter blues

I apologize for not keeping this updated as i ought to but i have misplaced my information and just now remember it... so i will take a quick minute to do an update since we've have been so busy of late..... The kids and i have been enjoying the uunusally warm weather this winter.... but i still had to take an photo in their coats.

I hope that we get some snow soon. and they do to as they wish to go play in the snow.  What's coming up is my birthday, valentine's day, and Larissa birthday so stay tuned as we will keep the updates coming so we don"t forget again.

Princess Harmony and Kids