Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lissy's Birthday

Larissa Nicole's  aka Lissy birthday was the 18th. Unforunately, I had jury duty. So when i got back home i gave her har presents and ate cake an ice cream.  Here are the pictures

                                                     Lissy and Her Presents

                                                   Eating cake and ice creams

                                                     pl;aying with the goody baghs.

Lissy got an journal and an kitty, I have not asked her what he'd named her yet but i'm sure i'll know soon enough.  What has everyone else been up to? I hope everyone is well.

Princess Harmony

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Royal Valentines

Hello! I hope everyone had an great valentine's day. The babies and i had decided to dress up and we enjoyed their valentine's day. An couple days before that we decided to have an coronation day we put on our crowns and made promises to be the best royal/people that we can be.  It was fun.. Anyways here are an couple of pictures that we took the last couple of days.

                                                            The babies enjoying their valentines

                                                           Cornation day 2-9-2014

                                                     Princess Harmony on Coronation day.

We will be sure to post more pics very soon.  Lissy, birthday is on tuesday so that should be another fun day.. after i get done with jury duty that is..... Now that my brother's computer is fixed it should be easier to update more regulary.... as long i as i remember too. We are so glad that spring is on its way and that we can go outside and play more soon.  Hope everyone else is doing well.

                                               Princesses, Harmony, Lissy, and Holly
                                                         And Prince Brent (BJ)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

birthday fun

hey everyone.  i hope everyone is well so even though the weather was bad yesterday, the babies and i stayed inside to celebrate my birthday this year.  i got two snow globes and a lot of candy. 

                                                            the babies 


Princess Harmony