Snow Day 2011

Story No. 1: Snow Day 2011

Wake up, wake up! we have snow! Lissy wakes up her little sister, Holly and her little brother, BJ.

Mommy said that we couldn't go outside until got dressed and eat breakfast so we got dressed quickly.

Then w quickly put on our coats before heading outside.

We got about four inches. Mommy said that was enough to kid the kids from out of school.

Here e our with our dog Ginger. Mommy said we still had to take him outside to potty outside wherher it was cold or not. At least she likes the snow. She tried ot eat it!!

Then we had an snow ball fight. It was quite fun. We wanted ot make an snowman too but mommy said that we would have to next because we already been outside long enough.

Mommy made us an yummy cup of cocoa before nap time. Then we had to go take an nap bt it was an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.