Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lissy Birthday amd new addition news

February 18th was Lissy,s birthday and i've been busy since then but i did take some pictures that i wanted to share.

Lissy presents

Kids all together

In other new s, I added another kid to my patch  this weekend. Pictures of the new sister will be up soon :) she came with these old birth ceritificates, adoption papers, and an parent association application... if anyone out there collects cabbage patch kids, vould you please tell me if this parent association still exists? If  it doesn't, then i would love to create one of my own for all dolls. oe wvwn stuffed animals.. now if i could get anyone else to dolls or/stuffed animals to join.... ha!!! I'll come back  to update soon with an picture of the new addition and other things.... until then i' m signing off!!

Princess Harmony

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