Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's been an long time

Hello everyone.. I just wanted to put up an quick update and apologize. I know its been an while. First my computer broke and then i had to wait until my brother fixed it. Then i've been going back and forth to the doctor as i have this cyst on my leg... i've had it since janruary and it keep on geting bigger.. Well anyways. my mother made me go to the doctor but the surgeon i got refered to had back surgery himself  so basically the long story short is. He keeps putting it off.. which sucks because its truly hurting now..  I go back on the 2nd so i hope he finally take care of it this time and then i can get back to playing with my babies..

 Here's some pictures of the girls and Baby BJ hanging out :)


                                           The Girls and Bj

Well that's it for now I hope everyone is doing well....

                                                              Love Princess Harmony

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