Friday, February 18, 2011

late Valentine's Day Post

We have been extremely busy around here with keeping up with my nieces and their various activities. Both have made it to all city choir and its been an trial for me to get them there when i myself have no car and don't like to drive and my mother and brother all at work when one of the girls rehearsal starts. With all that going on i have had much time nor energy for anything else. but i did manage to take pictures for valetines day.. and even though it is an bit late i'll share one here now.

Let's Look in the mail box and see What we got?

Boy did we get an lot!!!

Princess Harmony all dressed up

 Today is Lissy birthday! She is six!!! But since i don't have any time for an little party i will do one for her tomorrow. we all dress up and she'll open up her presents :) I will hopefully take pictures and have them ready to add by  the middle of next week. I hope to have snt my pen pal letter by then too... wish me luck!!!

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