Sunday, June 23, 2013

Museum Fun

Lately I have been doing much but going to testing and resting but yesterday was listeners appreciation day for one of our radio stations here.  You could have got into some of our museums for one dollar per person per museum so mom and I decided to take my nieces and nephews and naturally I decided to take my babies along.

We decided to go to two of the place. One of the places we went was called Exploration Place.  Its an place for kids to explore and learn.  Unfortunately, it was so packed there with kids running about I could not get any pictures of the babies there. But they did enjoy the exhibits especially the dinosaur, with moving life-like figures and bones When we first got there and I was standing by the t rex it scared me when it roared.  The kids loved that.  They also loved the airplane exhibit.

We also went to the Botanica Gardens and there I managed to get some pictures. there are below I hope you enjoy looking at them.

 Holly loves the purple flowers.

BJ examines the tree.

Lissy looks at the lily pad.

Let's feed the fish.
We also went swimming so it was one exhausting day.  I can't wait to get home to rest. right now i'm dog sitting at my aunt house. But until next everyone.  We hope you are enjoying your summer.
Princess Harmony and the Babies

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