Thursday, January 20, 2011

Royal Duties

Today I was bored so the kids and I went through pictures thati have saved on Photobucket. And we found an old pic of my in my crown. 

Princess Harmony

And i also found an picture i revently took of the kids in their crowns.

Left to right: Princess Lissy, Princess Holly, and Prince Brent

 That got me to thinking. What exactly what are our royal duties? Well they are many and varied as from doing our chores., to being polite and courteous to those around us, to going on trips and tours to see the world around us and giving people our support. Sometimes there are family, teas, dinner, party to attend to.  Sometimes we even venture out of our own little neighbhorhood to see and support the others we hold dear to our heart in the rest of the world.  We also try to celebrate the holidays in style. Luckily for us dressing up is usually not required as we are all pretty low key, especially Miss Holly and BJ.

We are planning an family tea this weekend and it should be fun.. hopefull i remember to take pictures. What about the rest of you? What are your Royal Duties?

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